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Web Design Templates Customization Service

We are pleased to offer customization service. This service mainly intended for the customers with less flash or html experience as well as for the busy people or for everyone who wants save it's valuable time. Just buy customization service by clicking the banner below. After this please contact and tell us what would you like to change in your template. Our designers will take care of it.

Standard customization service for any our template costs only $299.95.

What "Standard customization" includes?

It means just reorganization (modification) of the template you bought in our store. Change stock images by yours, title on the buttons, colors of some details of the template (not all colors can be changed for standard customization) and insert your text. All of this can be done in the quantity that are in your template. Say your template contains 5 images, we will replace them with the images you want but in the same quantity - 5 pcs and so on for the buttons and texts.

If you like more images or buttons (pages) in your template, no problem but In this case we need to discuss all the details and price as well, because it is special customization, NOT standard. Extra work will cost extra money but with very reasonable price!

Customization Terms: This job usually takes 5-7 business days from the moment of reception of all necessary information by us from you!

To start Customization service, follow the steps described here:

Step 1. In the beginning you need to buy it by clicking the button below:

Step 2. Take a look at you template carefully. Discover all pages, texts and images on each page and decide, which pictures, texts and colors you would like to change.

Step 3. Send us all your text and detailed description. It's very easy. Create MS Word document with your text and name file just exactly as to which section belongs that text. For example home.doc. It will mean that text in the file home.doc intended for the section "HOME" of your template. File named products.doc will bear the text for the section "PRODUCTS" of your template. File aboutus.doc the information about you respectively. Also in the text you need to indicate which pictures you are planing to place in certain section. For example, say in your file products.doc where is text about your products, you want to place a picture. Do it like this:

"some text here some text here AND pict1.jpg"

It means, that in the section "PRODUCTS", along with the text which is in the file products.doc, must be placed the image under the name pict1.jpg.

Step 4. Collect all your picture files and give name to each picture like pict1.jpg, pict2.jpg, pict3.jpg and so on.
zip or rar all of them together and send them.

If you have any question regarding customization service, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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